About SPG Construction

About SPG Construction

SPG Construction Inc.

Industry Leading Wall Experts

SPG Construction was started in 1998 by Mario Salgado Sr., relying on his years of installing EIFS and managing work crews. His son took over the company in 2002 and grew SPG Construction into a multimillion-dollar company. Under his leadership, SPG has become an industry leader and well-respected company.

SPG Construction has the distinct advantage of providing our customers with multiple coordinated scopes of work. We try to be an industry-leading force by incorporating many innovative products, field practices, and technologies into our bidding and installation process.

SPG Construction PPEP Safety Program


At SPG, our greatest asset is our employees. That is why we believe that SAFETY is our number one priority. SPG’s commitment to safety starts with our PPEP (Personal Protective Equipment Program). We then continue to monitor and upgrade issued equipment to ensure that all PPE is maintained and serviceable. Another part of our Safety Program is our continuing education programs.

Accident Free Workplace

We conduct random safety inspections to ensure our employees and other trades involved in the project go home safe and sound to their families every day. Everyone at SPG knows the importance of safety in our industry, and we continue to strive for success. And we define that success by having our employees work in a safe and accident-free workplace.

SPG Construction Accident Free Workplace
Managed by Experience Leaders


SPG is involved with project budgeting, system designs, value engineering, project scheduling, cost analysis, and guaranteed maximum price before projects start. We always consider what is in our client's best interest. Our projects are managed by experienced leaders who understand the design intent for the project, the best means and methods of their trade, and that time is of the essence when outlining staffing and coordinating with other trades on the project.

You are fully covered

Proper Insurance

Unlike most other stucco subcontractors, SPG Construction’s insurance program includes a complete rider for EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finish System). Standard General Liability & Comprehensive Insurance for stucco does not cover any issues related to EIFS. When using SPG Construction, you may have peace of knowing you are fully covered!

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